Indemnity Insurance cover period runs from 1 April to 31 March each year. If you join part way through the year, the Insurance premium is still due 1 April each year. The Insurance Company does not accept pro-rata.

Comprehensive NHPNZ endorsed liability insurance cover is available to approved student members, or you may insure through your own provider – it’s your choice. If you choose not to insure through NHPNZ, proof of your current insurance is required.

As a Student Member, you need to be training with a “recognised training establishment” or Professional Association of the Natural Health Practitioners of New Zealand. Complete a ‘Student Membership Application’ form obtainable by downloading it from the website. Return the Application form to the office of the Natural Health Practitioners of New Zealand with your payment. Confirmation of the cover and a tax invoice receipt will be posted to you.

This is a fully comprehensive insurance cover. Comprehensive Cover includes:

Professional Indemnity/Medical Malpractice:
Designed to indemnify you, personally, for claims made against you by a third party alleging an (negligent) act, error or omission in the course of your normal business or practice which has caused them to suffer an alleged financial loss.

Public Liability:
Provides indemnify you and/or your business in respect of your personal legal liability for compensation as a result of damage to property or bodily injury arising out of your business or practice.

Employers Liability:
Protects you as an employer from loss resulting from claims made against you by employees suffering personal injury in the workplace, which are not covered by ACC.

Statutory Liability:
Provides indemnity in respect of defense costs and penalties (fines) in defending claims alleging unintentional breaches of specified New Zealand statutes. These include Resource Management Act, Building Act, Fair Trading Act, Privacy Act, Consumers Guarantees Act, and many more Acts of Parliament

Employment Disputes Liability:
Provides indemnity for your personal liability where an employee takes a personal grievance action against you. These may include costs you are legally obligated to pay an employee, i.e. damages, judgments, settlements & defence costs.

The cover is for your practice of natural healthcare and training you may provide to others as part of this practice. If you provide training as a main part of your business or you are involved in selling products (other than as an incidental to your practice) you may need additional cover.

As long as you have registered all your modalities, chosen to be insured through
INSURANCE” form and paid the required premium you are covered for all of those modalities.

Professional Indemnity – Medical Malpractice:
$500,000 any one claim and in the annual aggregate
Broadform Public Liability:
$1,000,000 any one occurrence and aggregate for Products Liability
Employers Liability:
$500,000 any one claim and in the annual aggregate
(i.e. allocated split of up to $200,000 Defence Costs & up to $300,000 Damages)
Statutory Liability:
$500,000 any one claim and in the annual aggregate
Employment Disputes Liability:
$500,000 any one claim and in the annual aggregate

Natural Health Practitioners of New Zealand cannot provide this. You will need to discuss this with your own insurance agent or broker or directly with your insurance company.

Cover starts as soon as the office of the Natural Health Practitioners of New Zealand receives your payment.

The Natural Health Practitioners of New Zealand insurance cover usually runs from 1 April to 31 March each year. Your Student Membership will need to be renewed annually during your training period.

No. This is because the insurance protects you for all work you have done in the
past (provided you are not already aware of a problem) not just for work done
after the insurance commences.

$1,000 per claim, except $500 for Public Liability, including costs and expenses

No. To reduce administration, which can be a large part of the insurance cost, you will only be given a Certificate of Insurance. A copy of the full policy is available for
inspection at the offices of the Natural Health Practitioners of New Zealand.

The policy provides cover for you for temporary visits overseas anywhere other than the USA and Canada provided any claim is brought against you in the New Zealand or Australian Court. If you travel to North America, go overseas for longer than temporary visits or need cover for claims brought in countries in other than New Zealand and Australia you will need additional cover.

The insurance is provided by Lumley General Insurance Company Ltd “Lumley” and is arranged by “TG Larkin & Associates” the insurance adviser to the Natural Health Practitioners of New Zealand. Both the underwriter at Lumley and Marsh Ltd have considerable experience in arranging covers of this type and have access to a panel of specialist legal advisers to assist you with claims.

As a first step you should contact the Natural Health Practitioners of New Zealand Inc They will assist you with the procedures to follow and the formally send notification to insurers.

It is important you do not admit responsibility, and you do not incur any costs
without the insurer’s agreement.