Marion Miller

Marion Miller

Marion is a Certified Energy Kinesiology Practitioner and a Registered Natural Health Practitioner. She holds a position on the NHPNZ Executive Board as the PA Representative. She is the New Zealand Faculty for Neuro-Linguistic Kinesiology and is the New Zealand Instructor Trainer for Touch for Health Kinesiology. She is also the secretary of the Kinesiology Association of New Zealand.

As well as running practitioner-training courses Marion currently consults on a one-to-one basis.

Jenny Hammond

Jenny has been involved in the Natural Health Industry for over 25 years as a practitioner and principal of the Caeteris Health & Education Centre.

Jenny has been involved with the NHPNZ since the inception of the Charter in 1994. Currently she holds a position on the Executive Board as Secretary and is also the Office Manager.

Jenny has also been involved in the publishing of natural health journals and directories in the last 10 years and brings an awareness of the need for education so that people can take responsibility and make informed choices in matters relating to their health and wellbeing.

Bernadette Bekker

Bernadette Bekker has been an executive member of the NHPNZ board for the past couple of years and currently holds the position of Registrar for the NHPNZ.
Her aim is to ensure that applicants meet the standards required to be registered for either natural medicine or natural therapies.

One of Bernadette’s aims is to develop a framework for CPE [Continuing Professional Education]. The aim is to assist both professional associations and those members who may not belong to associations to know what professional educational hours will be recognized by the NHPNZ.

She is also the current president of Naturopaths NZ and a past president of the Homeobotanical Institute.

Jonathan Callinan

Jonathan Callinan

From health professional to web entrepreneur, Jonathan has launched various web ventures and run several website and marketing workshops for Kiwi business professionals since 2008. Back in 2009, Jonathan set up NZ’s popular practitioner directory (The Wellness Directory) helping the public to make more informed and better decisions when seeking a natural health professional online. The interactive platform remains one of NZ’s most credible directories and allows visitors to choose between registered and non-registered practitioners across 100+ natural health modalities.

In his own personal and family life, Jonathan is a full-time advocate of natural health and its associated lifestyle benefits.

James Kelso

James Kelso

James Kelso is a 25 year member of Chartered Accountants Australia and NZ. James operates a professional public practice in Albany, Auckland and has a background in Audit, Tax and SME’s. He voluntarily provides assistance to several not for profit organisations.

As he says, “all professionals are in a privileged position and have a responsibility to bring their knowledge and skills to bear to organisations that exist to improve the welfare and wellbeing of society in general.”