Who is the insurer?

The insurance is provided by AIG and is arranged by “Rothbury Insurance Brokers”, the insurance adviser to the Natural Health Practitioners of New Zealand Inc.

The underwriters at AIG and our Insurance Broker, have considerable experience in arranging covers of this type and have access to a panel of specialist legal advisers to assist you with claims

Do I get a policy document?

No. To reduce administration, which can be a large part of the insurance cost, you will only be given a Certificate of Insurance. A copy of the full policy is available for inspection at the NHPNZ office.

When does cover start?

Cover starts as soon as the NHPNZ Office receives your payment and your application has been accepted by the insurers.

How long does the cover run?

The cover runs from 1 April each year which is the renewal date of the NHPNZ insurance programme. This will be charged on a pro-rata payment if you join part way through the year.

How much cover is provided?

General Liability$2,000,000 each occurrence
Products Hazard$2,000,000 in the aggregate
Employers Indemnity$500,000 in the aggregate
Statutory Liability$500,000 in the aggregate
Professional Indemnity
(Provision of training services only in the Natural Health profession only)
$500,000 any one claim and in the aggregate

I practice in more than one modality. Am I still covered?

As long as you are a current member of a Professional Association/Training Establishment that recognises your modality/ies or have those modalities registered with NHPNZ and have paid the required premium you are covered for all of those modalities.

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