Please note: Indemnity Insurance cover period runs from 1st April to 31 March each year so if you join part way through the year the Insurance Premium is still due 1st April each year, contact NHPNZ for pro-rata costs.

To be a registered Practitioner/Member of the NHPNZ you are required to have Insurance Cover. The NHPNZ Insurance Policy is a comprehensive, and best value policy possible, that will cover you for all the modalities that you are qualified and registered with, in your Natural Therapy or Natural Medicine practice.

As a Student Member, you need to be training with a “recognised training establishment” or Professional Association of the Natural Health Practitioners of New Zealand.

The cover is subject to the students  being under direct/strict supervision of a qualified tutor and any treatment they partake in must be approved first by the tutor.

Download from the website, and complete a ‘Student Membership Application’ form and send it in to the office of the Natural Health Practitioners of New Zealand with your payment. Your Insurance Certificate, student membership certificate and a tax invoice receipt will be posted to you.

The cover is for your practice of natural healthcare and training you may provide to others as part of this practice. If you provide training as a main part of your business or you are involved in selling products (other than as an incidental to your practice) you may need additional cover.

As long as you are a current member of a Professional Association/Training Establishment that recognises your modality/ies or have those modalities registered with NHPNZ and have paid the required premium you are covered for all of those modalities.

The amount of cover provided under each section of the policy is shown on the specimen Certificate of Insurance. This should be more than adequate for the likely cost of claims in New Zealand although lease agreements or other contractual arrangements may require a higher Public Liability limit.

Please contact the Natural Health Practitioners of New Zealand Office to arrange.

Cover starts as soon as the insurance company have approved your application.

The cover runs to 1 April each year which is the renewal date of the NHPNZ insurance programme.

Yes. You have to pay the first $1,000 of any claim or costs incurred which is called the Excess.

No. To reduce administration, which can be a large part of the insurance cost, you will only be given a Certificate of Insurance. A copy of the full policy is available for inspection at the NHPNZ offices.

The Territorial and Jurisdictional limits of the Insurance policy only covers you and your practice in NZ. However, cover for short term visits to Australia can be arranged.

An additional policy and fee applies and it covers you for numerous short periods during the financial year.  Please contact the NHPNZ Office to arrange.

The insurance is provided by AIG Insurance New Zealand Limited and is arranged by Rothbury Insurance Brokers, the insurance adviser to the Natural Health Practitioners of New Zealand.  They have considerable experience in arranging covers of this type and has access to a panel of specialist legal advisers to assist you with claims.

  1. Any claim or incident that may lead to a claim must be notified to NHPNZ and Rothbury Insurance Brokers immediately. A ‘claim’ would include receiving any written or verbal demand, any writ, summons, application or other legal or arbitral proceedings, cross claim and counter claim alleging any breach of professional duty.
  2. Your current policy also requires you to advise the Insurer as soon as practicable of any circumstances of which you become aware during the policy period which would give rise to a claim. We therefore recommend an overly cautious approach to notify such situations.
  3. When notifying any matter to any of the parties detailed above and overleaf, please ensure that the following information is provided (as a minimum) name of the claimant; nature of the claim; when and how did you first become aware of this complaint; copies of all correspondence relating to the claim.

Key Conditions

  • DO NOT at any time attempt to respond to a claim without the prior consent of the NHPNZ or your Insurance Broker. To do so could prejudice your right to cover under the Policy.
  • DO NOT appoint Legal Council or incur Legal Costs without reference to and prior consent from the NHPNZ or your Insurance Broker.
  • DO NOT admit liability at any time in any circumstance.
  • NEVER make any reference to the existence of an Insurance Policy to any potential claimant, as this may indicate access to ‘unlimited monetary resources’ and may result in the claimant never giving up on their claim.
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