Insurance Information

As a professional NHPNZ Registered Practitioner you are required to have Insurance cover.

You can choose the Insurance cover offered under the Natural Health Practitioners of New Zealand Insurance Scheme.

You may choose to obtain your Insurance from another provider. If using another Insurance Provider, you are required to provide a copy of the Insurance Certificate issued by them.

The cover period of the NHPNZ Insurance runs from 1st April to the 31st March each year.

Your cover becomes effective as soon as your Application is approved by the Registrars.

You will receive an Annual Insurance Certificate detailing the areas and amounts of cover.

A copy of the full policy is available for inspection by contacting the office of the Natural Health Practitioners of New Zealand Inc.

Your Insurance cover is for your practice of natural healthcare (for the modalities you are registered in) and training you may provide to others as part of this practice.  If you provide training as a main part of your business or you are involved in selling products (other than as an incidental to your practice) you may need additional cover.

The amount of cover provided under each section of the policy is shown below. This should be more than adequate for the likely cost of claims in New Zealand although lease agreements or other contractual arrangements may require a higher Public Liability limit.

General Liability$2,000,000 each occurrence
Products Hazard$2,000,000 in the aggregate
Employers Indemnity$500,000 in the aggregate
Statutory Liability$500,000 in the aggregate
Professional Indemnity
(Provision of training services only in the Natural Health profession only)
$500,000 any one claim and in the aggregate

If you require a higher Public Liability limit, please contact the NHPNZ Office to arrange. 

Student Insurance

This same Insurance cover is available to Students who are training with a recognised training establishment or a Professional Association registered with the NHPNZ.

Complete a Student Membership Insurance Application form which can be found and downloaded under the How To Join tab.