Bernadette Bekker - Chairperson

Bernadette Bekker


Bernadette Bekker has been an executive member of the NHPNZ board for the past couple of years and is the current chairperson for the NHPNZ. With a background as registrar assisting applicants to meet the standards required to be registered for either natural medicine or natural therapies.

Bernadette has also worked on CPE [Continuing Professional Education] options. To assist professional associations and direct registration members for ongoing professional educational hours.

Bernadette was president of Naturopaths NZ before the  organisation merged to become the NMHNZ [Naturopaths & Medical Herbalist of NZ]. She is also a past president of the Homeobotanical Institute.

Marion Miller - Administrator

Marion Miller


Marion is a Certified Energy Kinesiology Practitioner and a Registered Natural Health Practitioner. She holds a position on the NHPNZ Executive Board as the PA Representative. She is the New Zealand Faculty for Neuro-Linguistic Kinesiology. She is also the secretary of the Kinesiology Association of New Zealand.

As well as running practitioner-training courses Marion currently consults on a one-to-one basis.

Judith Paterson - Minutes Secretary

Judith Paterson

Minutes Secretary

A former teacher, and with a Sports Therapy background, Judith’s passion is still in educating and facilitating change.  

Judith has a broad based down-to-earth approach to health. As a Kinesiologist, she knows that it is through using a variety of techniques gleaned from many years of study, that she can provide individualised support for others. 

Having been in the ‘well-being’ field for over 25years she brings a wealth of knowledge and is able to pull on a variety of skills she has gained during this time. 

Over the years Judith has taken up roles on various committees as she knows that it is by members ‘giving back’ that organisations will continue to thrive. 

Robin Wilson

Robin Wilson

Robin is a Health and Wellness Coach, and Workplace Wellness Consultant.

Robin is passionate about helping others implement holistic changes in their life to improve their own wellbeing and contribute with greater impact to the world around them. Along with her knowledge of natural health care, Robin has a diverse background in the banking and not-for-profit sectors.

Robin is the NZ Consortium Lead for Working with Resilience and an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation.

Sandra Paul

Sandra Paul

Since 1995, Sandra has been the main tutor and creator of Lotus College of Natural Therapies. Sandra is a current member of our organisation.

She has a wide knowledge of different modalities and is registered with us under Esoteric Psychology, Relationship Counselling, Reiki, Remedial BodyWork and Nutrition.

Sharyn Crawford

Sharyn Crawford

Sharyn is a current member registered under Aromatherapy. She has been working in this field for the past 20 years. She has a clinic in Dunedin where she offers client treatments that are based on the use of essential oils to assist in enhancing physical, emotional and spiritual well-being that are beneficial for replenishing and restoring harmony and balance, relieving physical tension, aiding relaxation, supporting emotional well-being and keeping energy levels vibrant and clear.

Sharyn has a graduate diploma in Not for Profit Management (UNITEC NZ). She was employed in a national management position for a social service organisation for 18 years and has been in the Governance Board for the Otago Farmers Market Trust for eight years and is currently the Chairperson.