The Benefits of Being a Professional Practitioner Member
of the Natural Health Practitioners of NZ Inc.

  • Belonging to a Membership based organisation giving each member a voice and a vote in the matters concerning the governance of the NHPNZ.

  • Each Professional Organisation also has a voice and a vote in the matters concerning the governance of the NHPNZ.

  • Receiving and supporting guidance with disputes/complaints.

  • Being provided with the necessary information to enable Practitioners to make informed choices to conduct a safe and professional practice.

  • Comprehensive Professional Liability Insurance Protection Cover for our Registered Practitioners and Students.

  • Promotion of the organisation, Practitioner members and Professional Associations via the NHPNZ website.

NHPNZ Membership Benefits
  • Networking through meetings and events e.g. Natural Health Expo and the Health Awards Evening.

  • Developing relationships with related health professionals, National and International Organisations to strengthen the position of Natural Healthcare.

  • Ongoing development of Professional standards to ensure Public Safety.

  • Providing on-going Professional Development via courses and webinars.

  • Regular newsletters and notification of relevant information, events and courses.

  • Being part of a visionary strategy focusing on the NHPNZ’s core role in the Natural Health Industry.

  • Growing into a future where Natural Health Practitioners of New Zealand Inc and its members becomes a household name.

  • Ongoing support of inquiries for members and the public via email and phone.

All Registered members are governed by a Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct and Practice and are required to comply with the Code of Rights published by the Health and Disability Commissioner.

In addition to this they are expected to comply with legislation applying to practitioners in New Zealand and will become subject to the Natural Health Practitioners of New Zealand’s Complaint and Disciplinary Regulations.

The Natural Health Practitioners of New Zealand is committed to maintaining and promoting high standards of competency, education, professional qualifications and accountability in natural healthcare.

To retain full membership of the NHPNZ, there is an annual membership fee plus insurance payment and documentation to complete. This includes an annual Insurance Declaration, a requirement of the Insurance Company, providing CPD for the year passed and Current First Aid Certificate.