ID#Professional AssociationsWebsite
111Aquatic Bodywork Association
67Bowen Therapy New
262Brennan Healing Science Practitioners Assn.
8Educational Kinesiology (Brain Gym) New Zealand
98International Research into Iridology and Sclerology Society Inc.
260Kinesiology Association of New Zealand
14Kinesiology Practitioners Accreditation Board
2National Federation of Synergistic Healers New Zealand Inc.
22New Zealand Association of Breathworkers
73New Zealand Association of Neuro Linguistic Programming
118New Zealand Bodywork and Esoteric Psychology
33New Zealand Natural Medicine Association
38New Zealand Register of Holistic Aromatherapists
3Ortho-Bionomy New Zealand
116Pacific Association of Craniosacral Therapists
35Reflexology New Zealand
45Reiki NZ
113Self Realization Sevalight
46Shiatsu Practitioners Assn of Aotearoa NZ
48Society of Natural Therapists and Researchers (NZ)
261Su Jok Onnuri New Zealand
12The Homeobotanical Institute
69The New Zealand Feldenkrais Guild
24The New Zealand Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine Assn
115The Upledger Institute
42Vibrational Essences New